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Director :

Patrick Lussier

Stars :

Bailee Madison, Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Turpel

Genre :

Horror, Thriller

Release :


Rating :

5.9 from IMDb

Story :

Even with the 100% implausible plot and situations, it actually held my attention until the very end. There are scenes that are nicely done and the suspense is through the roof. There are other scenes that you simply have to suspend all disbelief and just be entertained. The final battle between the heroine and the maniac coroner ends in a very well done makeup effect that is both gruesome and also a lesson in anatomy. Although I wasn't familiar with the lead actress, she did well in the role. Most will recognize the evil coroner, Jerry O'Connell, from television and other movies. His deadpan delivery and reserved portrayal was effective.

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